About Institute

Mr. A.Kumar (Avdhesh Kumar) has started Science Study Centre with 2 students(Mr. Ganesh Kumar and Mr. Sushil Kumar) on a single room on 09th November, 2008. The quality of education of Mathematics and English provided by Mr. A. Kumar has added more and more students every day to Science Study Centre and it became a cumbersome task for Mr. A.Kumar to manage the centre. After that Mr. Shailendra Kumar has joined the centre as a Science teacher,Mr. Satyendra Kumar Tiwary has joined the centre as a Social science and Hindi teacher,Mr.Amarjeet Kumar has joined the centre as a Sanskrit and Hindi Grammar teacher,Mr.Kundan Kumar Singh has joined the centre as a Physics teacher for I.Sc and Mr.Ajit Kumar had joined the centre as a English teacher.To manage this institute Mr.K.Kumar Singh(Kundan Kumar Singh) was selected who is cousin brother of Mr.A.Kumar.All this happened due to quality education and well managed administration. On the demand of. Students and Guardians Science Study Centre announced on the occasion of 15th August 2014 to open second branch in Raghopur Asidha, Sakrauli, Patepur, Vaishali which is 5 Km far away from Main branch. Second branch which is started on 8th February 2015 and Well managed Mr. Amarjeet Kumar was selected. Science Study Centre, MALPUR which is registered by district registrar Vaishali to develop education in 2016. surrounding rural area according to its vision from that point Science Study Centre never turned back and joined hands from various institutions.